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Can we whet your appetite?

All Day Breakfasts

Stowaway Breakfast

Stowaway- For the smaller appetite

Purser Breakfast

Purser - Suitable for vegetarians

Crewman Breakfast

Crewman - A hearty meal!

Captain Breakfast

Captain - A very popular choice

Passengerr Breakfast

Passenger - hungry - here's the remedy!

Breakfast Text


Lunches and Snacks

Cod and Chips

Cod and Chips - with a slice of lemon

Ham Salad

Choice of Salads


 Omelettes - various fillings

Baked Potatoes

Baked Potatoes to taste

Sandwiches, Rolls and Paninis

Sandwiches, Rolls and Paninis


Cakes - baked in the cafe

All food is cooked to order

The Lunchtime Special for the day is displayed in the cafe.
Please tell the cashier, when you order, if you require your food to be wrapped for you to take away.

Cafe Menu 2024 Breakfasts
Cafe Menu 2024 Lunches
Cafe Menu 2024 S/W and hot drinks


Our kitchen staff are conversant with allergens and make every effort to avoid cross-contamination. We separate the preparation of meat, fish, vegetables and salads. We use pure rapeseed oil for deep-fat frying.

The frying of fish is completely separated from any other foods. With the cooking of chips, saute potatoes, bread and hashbrowns using the same fryer, there may be slight traces of gluten from the bread found in the chip oil. The grilling of mushrooms, tomatoes and halloumi is separated from meat products but using the same griddle.

In a small kitchen, it is not workable to operate specific allergen-free zones areas, so we cannot 100% guarantee the separation of all allergens.

Should you need further information about the cooking of your meal, please ask when placing your order.