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We need to make the choice now!

We are trying to improve our carbon footprint.

Our takeaway food and drink containers are much greener now. We use recycled sugarcane food containers, with biodegradable takeaway cups and wooden stirrers. Thus avoiding the use of plastic and polystyrene.
We send the spent oil from the deep fat frying and waste food for recycling.
We separate the delivery cardboard boxes from general waste for recycling.

Weather forecasters have been telling us for years.

The increase in global temperature has now become one of the largest problems the world has to face. It is human nature to want to better one's standard of living, that's accepted. An improvement in the company's balance sheet which helps to turn other parts of the world into a wasteland is a very blinkered approach. The fact that everywhere is getting warmer would appear to be beyond dispute. Whether you think this is due to natural causes or mankind has given it a “helping hand” is another discussion. Almost all the naturalist and scientist agree we need to take positive action before it’s too late.

Are we guilty of being too complacent?

In large Chinese cities like Shanghai and Beijing, many of the citizens only venture into the streets wearing a face mask - it has become their way of life. Here in Clacton, we have a clean, refreshing sea breeze, we know the offshore wind turbines are providing "green" electricity. Consequently we may see the problem to be less urgent than it is.

It is true, Britain has a very small carbon dioxide emission compared with India, China and the United States of America. However, let's not forget our past record has also been very poor. Throughout our industrial age based largely on burning coal, in the larger cities foggy days became "pea-soupers" and all transportation came to a halt. The efforts we make to further reduce our emission of greenhouses gases is not a waste of time. It will put us into a stronger position to influence the offending countries to get their act together.

The boat is full of water, it's time to start bailing!

The time to keep our heads buried in the sand has gone. When the Atlantic Ocean increases in temperature by another degree or two all manner of changes may occur. It’s not just the melting of the ice at the North Pole resulting in the loss of polar bears and widespread flooding due to the increase in sea level. The gulf stream running northwards along our western coastline helps to keep our climate mild. Alteration of currents away from our shores could have a considerable effect on the weather.

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