Let's talk about coffee!

Coffee being made

We serve the following Espresso Coffee.


Textured milk is laid over the espresso coffee, finishing with about a centimetre of velvety foam and a sprinkling of chocolate.

A cup of Cappunccino


The espresso is mixed with stretched hot milk, (maybe a swingle of foam on top to make it look great!)

A cup of Latte


A shot or maybe two of espresso just by itself - that's what I call a pick up!

A cup of Espresso


The espresso topped up with hot water, normally served black, but often with cold milk on the side.

A cup of Americano


Same as a Latte with a spoonful of chocolate powder added to the espresso before mixing in the milk.

A cup of Mocha

About our coffee

The coffee the cafe uses is a Fair Trade Product which means independent growers throughout the world are paid a reasonable price for the beans. The blend, called Louie Mio, is the signature brand of Coopers Coffee who have been producing it for the past 15 years and are incorporated in the world renown UCC consortium. The beans are sourced from Ethiopia, Brazil, Honduras and Uganda and are blended to give a chocolate, dark fruits and caramel taste with a thick creamy mouthfeel.
A quote from a specialist barista, Stephen Hastwell says it all “A consistently great cup of coffee you can trust”.

Please Note - We also keep decaffeinated espresso and Nescafe for customers who prefer an instant coffee

Hot Chocolate

Our Hot Chocolate is also a product from UCC - served by the cup or the mug

A cup of Hot Chocolate

Prefer a cup of tea?

Our regular brew is P.G Tips which we normally serve in single or double teapots, but we also keep a range of special brews from Earl Grey to Ginger and Lemon.

Teapot, cup and milk jug
Photo of packets of tea